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  • Ceiling filter for spray booth hot sale 600G solid glue Ceiling filter used for Paint Spray booth/car painting room filter/synthetic Air filter media
    Ceiling filter for spray booth
  • Flame retardant ceiling filter for spray booth Flame retardant air filter cotton full three-dimensional spray adhesive, flame retardant, layer upon layer fiber density increasing, the surface of the joint of high strength choreography of fibres, effectively prevents the dust particles adsorption rate is 100%;
    Flame retardant ceiling filter for spray booth
  • Ceiling filter Filter material through full rubber processing,can prevent no leaks of fibers,thus,this kind of filter material also can filter out all greater than 5 microns particles;Filter material with whole viscosity,viscosity,dry surface treatment for the customer to choose.
    Ceiling filter
  • Roof filter for spray booth There are two kinds of the flame retardant performance to; 1 in flame non-flammable; 2 in the flame only contraction, not burning, can through the method of vertical testing; 3 composed of flame retardant fiber and special finishing processing gradually tightness of the network structure, high rate of catching dust; 4 with other similar filter cotton properties.
    Roof filter for spray booth
  • 600G ceiling filter for spray booth Spray paint room ceiling filter cotton standards and introduction, let everybody understand the ceiling filter cotton. Canopy filter cotton main application surface coating industry, designed specifically for spray paint room terminal filter, composed of fracture resistance of synthetic fiber high-performance melt method non-woven processing; Cotton canopy filter installed in the car assembly workshop or auto spray painting workshop, as a ceiling filter cotton.
    600G ceiling filter for spray booth
  • Fiberglass Paint Stop Filter/Paint Filter Cloth Paint stop filter also called fiberglass filter media, is made of long fiberglass in non-woven way, with large ventilation quantity, small resistance, good efficiency of the dust arrestance for the over-spray. And it is applied to the superficial spray coating high quality painting-spray filtration.
    Fiberglass Paint Stop Filter/Paint Filter Cloth
  • Paint mist blanket Paint, paint mist felt also called resistance resistance paint the bottom of the cotton, cotton, cotton, glass fiber fleeciness mat, glass fiber mesh, paint filter. Paint mist felt capture from excess paint spray paint system, avoid equipment has a paint spot on, prevent the paint surface damage and protect the environment, filter the paint particles inside the room, reduce exhaust gas pollution, paint mist blanket, generally applicable to dry coating spray paint room, car, furniture, machinery parts and components of dry spray paint mist filtering system and workshop or kitchen lampblack filter.
    Paint mist blanket
  • Spray booth exhaust filter Glass fiber cotton, paint mist blanket, cotton applies: spray paint room floor paint mist filtering or kitchen lampblack filter. Mist felt filter material for green and white two colors, green surface for air windward side; Flexible, low pressure loss, the mist has very high capture effect filter, paint mist felt flame retardant in DIN4102 F1 temperature resistance is strong, can achieve 100% relative humidity resistant; High temperature resistant up to 170. C can slice, roll supply.
    Spray booth exhaust filter
  • Paint stop Paint stop
    Paint stop
  • paint arrestor paint arrestor
    paint arrestor

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