• Corrugated aluminum foil HEPA filter Hepa filter type corrugated aluminum foil, corrugated type clapboard can accurately maintain plait layer spacing, make the best use of the filter material under the least resistance. Filter material with hepa filter wit separatore forming woven cassette fold at the end of the diaphragm, woven form cassette plait layer can prevent the filter material damage. In the corrosive environment, can use plating ethylene clapboard, capture 0.3 microns particles efficiency is 99.99%
    Corrugated aluminum foil HEPA filter
  • pleat hepa filter Hepa filter has the least resistance, the maximum use of filter material, aluminum foil thickness of 0.03 mm, corrugated height 4 mm, can fully guarantee the area of the filter material and the quality of the filter; Filter material made of super fine glass fiber paper with high density, liao fold as far as possible to enlarge the effective filter area of filter material, thus reduce the filtration speed of filter material, it is quite important for high efficiency filter;
    pleat hepa filter
  • mini-pleat hepa filter Air conditioning terminal filter filtration system, capture more than 0.3 microns particles; Applicable to the hospital, electronics, food, precision machinery, semiconductor, clean room and so on the occasion of high cleanliness requirements;
    mini-pleat hepa filter
  • 平板式耐高温过滤器 采用玻璃长纤维,以非织物方式叠合制成,外以铝扩张网固定,不易变形;滤网的抗化学性,耐热性强,吸湿性低;难燃性,可耐高温300℃;过滤高温烘房中产生的焦油、煤烟、灰尘等颗粒以防破坏物品表面油漆质量;
  • Temperature efficiency filter Temperature efficiency filter designed using a separator , the separator can be accurately bellows pleat spacing maintained at the minimum resistance to maximize the filter , the filter medium 180 on both sides of the folds of the pleats pleated turn , bend the filter.
    Temperature efficiency filter
  • HEPA Combined Filter Used in the research and production of various technological requirements under 100000 grade cleanliness use (< 0.5 mu m dust particles), since this filter has good filtering performance, it is especially suitable for pharmaceutical industry, biological laboratory, hospital operating room, food industry, cosmetics industry, etc. For air purification of offices and the hotel also has a good effect.
    HEPA Combined Filter

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