Roof filter for spray booth

There are two kinds of the flame retardant performance to; 1 in flame non-flammable; 2 in the flame only contraction, not burning, can through the method of vertical testing; 3 composed of flame retardant fiber and special finishing processing gradually tightness of the network structure, high rate of catching dust; 4 with other similar filter cotton properties.

Name:retardant ceiling filter、filter media、filter fabric
    1 Retardant ceiling filter is made of super-long heat-welding and anti-breaking synthetic fiber and quality water soluble resin , no silicon.
    2 In the method of whole stereoscopic gum-spraying; flame retardant; the flame can be automatically put out in 10 seconds; increased fiber density; high-strength fine fiber net in the sticky surface; efficiently absorbing the dust grain up to 100%.
    3 The high efficiency and the super long service life not only assure the cleanness of the air, but also get enough airflow, which make the air distributed in the whole workspace evenly.
    4 The quality of the product has passed the national quality supervision and inspection center and has won two of the related national patents. 
    Applied to the air filtration for the painting factory  the spray workshop, baking varnish room and so on.
    Applied to automotive factory , the automobile repairing shop, the motorcycle factory, the bicycle factory ,the operating system of the household appliances painting.


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