• Plate filter Early plate of the casing outside the filter optional stainless steel material, paper box, aluminum frame, galvanized boxes, etc., filtering material is non-woven fabrics, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter material, metal mesh, fence double-sided plastic spraying barbed wire and two-sided galvanized barbed wire, etc.
    Plate filter
  • Sponge filter Sponge filter with polyester and polyether as the main materials, foaming, and opening rate of 97% or more, polyester sponge has excellent oil resistant, friction resistance.
    Sponge filter
  • Paper frame filter Features: large filtering area, low initial resistance, high air flow, large dust holding capacity, completely droppable.
    Paper frame filter
  • Aluminum Frame Panel low initial resistance, high airflow and large dust holding capacity Filter Media: Synthetic fiber, conforming to European DIN53438-F1 fire-retardant standard
    Aluminum Frame Panel
  • foldaway pre-filter mesh Frame using wood fiber board, moisture-proof water-resistant virgin pulp quality is light, convenient installation; Internal filter material with composite frame, compact design or adhesive technology, to ensure the filter sealing, prevent leak; Internal metal parts by plastic spraying or galvanized processing, to prevent the rust of the metal. Non-woven filter material out of the surface wind through finishing processing, prevent the non-woven fiber fracture distributing cause secondary pollution; The casing outside the metal product filter material conversion, can be clean easily, the casing outside the reusable, air conditioning operation cost can be saved; At the beginning of the filter resistance is low, the capacity of large amount of dust.
    foldaway pre-filter mesh
  • Cardboard filter Features: large filtering area, low initial resistance, high air flow, large dust holding capacity, completely droppable
    Cardboard filter
  • Aluminum Frame Panel air conditioner Filter It is mainly used as the pre-filtration for HEPA filter and the ventilation system of the cleanroom for purification.
    Aluminum Frame Panel air conditioner Filter
  • Folding air filter Folding coarse filter can filter directly, simple process, good air permeability, uniform and stable precision, not leak, regeneration, regeneration speed is quick, convenient installation, high efficiency, long service life.
    Folding air filter
  • metal filter mesh It mainly filters the particles with diameters of over 5 micron, the frame is made of hard anti-flame paper boards or aluminum and it was combined with synthetic glass fiber or glass fiber, the filter can be flat or folded, the cost is much lower, resistance is small, the dust capacity is large, it is changed easily. The filtration grade is G3,G4, it is used widely for primary filtration.
    metal filter mesh
  • Plate pleated air filter Folding paper box filter filter material is made from specially blended non-woven cotton and synthetic fiber, with a high amount of dust, low pressure loss of the early, air volume of the big advantages;
    Plate pleated air filter

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