Paint mist blanket

Paint, paint mist felt also called resistance resistance paint the bottom of the cotton, cotton, cotton, glass fiber fleeciness mat, glass fiber mesh, paint filter. Paint mist felt capture from excess paint spray paint system, avoid equipment has a paint spot on, prevent the paint surface damage and protect the environment, filter the paint particles inside the room, reduce exhaust gas pollution, paint mist blanket, generally applicable to dry coating spray paint room, car, furniture, machinery parts and components of dry spray paint mist filtering system and workshop or kitchen lampblack filter.

name:Floor filter /paint stop/spray booth filter/fiberglass filter/fiberglass paint arrestor
Standard: ISO 2001    ASHRAE     CEN   
Short introduction :
The fiber glass paint arrestor is an environmental filter with green and white color, the density is increased orderly and the bottom density is the largest. It is able to prevent the short fiber spread, to collect the dissociative particles and to protect the air circulation system and the ceiling filtration systems.
It is mainly used to absorb the over dissociative particles and decrease the pollution.
Purpose :
Specially for sprayed to catch to spray in the paint system of paint fog and stem the dust but design be applicable to an automobile,furniture,machine zero parts the dry type of etc. spray the paint system and car.
Product characteristic:
1 Strong flexibility, the anti- split of the glass fiber filter the material fiber to present to pass to increase structure gradually, catching a rate high
2 Can keep shape constant its filtering a fiber have to store paint fog dust.Wear to attach to fix on the material of defend a germ layer
3 There  is the color noodles to enter spirit noodles for the air, Don't  contain  silicon  ketone
4 Prevent fire the Class matches industrial standard DIN4102F1.


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