Environmental Dust cloth

Spray products applicable to the environmental protection sticky dust cloth: automobile, motorcycle, aviation facilities, electronic products, household appliances series, advanced furniture, piano, helmets, etc.

Name:Dust cloth, Environmental cloth ,Non-toxic sticky dust cloth
Product characteristic:
    1.CMA is a new sticky cloth for cleaning, washing or dusting and fomed by special synthesis of new materials--- the molecular (m=15000) polymers.    
    2.The product tales the resin and the dilution ad the main raw material ,and is made  through soaking, catalysting, compressing and drying.    
    3.No toxic smell ,no corrosion ,pale yellow or ivory outside, soft and a little bit viscous.
    4.Moderate viscosity, no particles falling off, the top-quality to spray.
    5. Great cleaning, no marks.
To wipe out dust particles before priming the surface of car automotive panel stamping, in order to keep the surface level and smooth to improve the quality of topcoat. It is widely usd in the painting of forward treat line in automobile, tractors and engineers.
    Applied to remove dust in high-precision moulds and high-quality furniture before painting.


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