Ceiling air diffuser filter

Ceiling air diffuser filter

Name:  ceiling filter media         air dust collector       filter fabric       retardant ceiling filter

        1 It is made of the anti-break organic synthesis fiber in high-powered high melt way ,gradual structure ..using    the technology which encrypts gradually the multi-layered. The fiber density increases gradually toward pure air ,high filter efficiency .according to the size of dust ,it can be prevent in the different density co accommodate more dust effectively.
        2 Coherent processing, filter material to pass through soak the rubber fully, Fully imgrenated media with adhesive treatment makes dust particles unable to pass, uniform diffusion forms laminar flow to have perfect paint spray finish
        3 The wind surface of the mesh is specially compact, and also put a fishing net to strengthen it ,this structure makes the filtering material keep the high filtering efficiency and large dust holding capacity, even more ,it can extend the working life. When using C-600G and C-560G,on one hand ,it can improve the good air quality, on the other hand, due to low resistance of the materials ,it also can save the cost of system operation
        4 Concerning the entire coherency, the surface viscosity and dry processing, we have the ability to meet customers' requests.
        5 Conforming with European and American classifications standard in non-flammability(e.g.DIN53438-F1.UL900-class 2 with flame-out);
       Applied to the air filtration for the painting factory ,the spray workshop, baking varnish room and so on.
       Applied to automotive factory ,the automobile repair shop ,the motorcycle factory, the bicycle factory, the operating system of the household appliances painting


Model LJA-600G    
Size 1*20m,2*20m,2*21m,1.6*14m,1.6*28m
Thickness 22mm
Weight 600G/sq.m
Material Polyester
Filtration class F5
Remarks Other specification are available on request









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