bag filter

Ultrafine effect bag filter used in synthetic fiber with special weave into legal system, to avoid the old glass fiber material may cause discomfort to the body.

Name: bag filter, pocket filter, synthetic bag filter
It is woven specially with the superfine fiber, in order to avoid the harmfulness to the people health because of the old style fibreglass.
Filter material content static electricity fiber. It filtrate the submicron bug dust(size:1or is smaller than i micron) efficiency. It also have the good performance of the dust catching, large dust holding capacity, high permeability and log working life.
In order to increase the intensity of the mesh, every two filter bags are fixed by the metal bar. It will prevent the bags from bursting because of the friction force of the wind, in the high wind speed. The filter bag has six inside linings in order to prevent the filter bag from expanding overly because of the wind pressure, because of the filter bags are sheltered from each other, it will reduce the effective filtration area and the filtration efficiency. The edge of the filter bag is made in hot melt way, so it has good gas tightness and the bonding strength, and it does not have the steam leakage or the breakage.
The large dust holding capacity, the high efficiency, the low damaged due to pressing.
Temperature resistance up to 80℃.
The galvanization frame (the outer edge thickness: 20mm and 25mm are available).
The aluminum alloy frame ( the outer edge thickness:20mm and 25mm are available).
Middle filtration for the air-condition, second-level filtration for the precise dust-dust room, pre-filtration for the high efficiency filter.


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